How Gas South Rates Affect Natural Gas Prices

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The cost of natural gas in Georgia is dependent on the supply and demand for the fuel. In the winter, when people are using more heating fuel, prices typically increase. Other factors can affect the price of gas. For instance, if oil price rises globally this could cause gas prices to rise too.

Prices usually drop in the summer when gas is not used as much. Consumers can study the price history of natural gases to better understand how it affects gas prices in Georgia. This can help consumers predict the future price of natural gas in Georgia.

Currently, natural gas south is not regulated in the state of Georgia. Local delivery companies, such as Atlanta Gas Light Company (AGL) are no longer able to supply their customers. This opens up the market to competition and permits different natural gas suppliers to compete. Customers can choose to continue using AGL or choose a different gas marketer.

The marketer will charge a monthly cost to the customer once they’ve chosen a natural gas provider. The rate is determined by a variety of factors including market prices and previous gas consumption. The cost of delivering gas from the production facilities may be a factor in this rate. A base charge that is regulated that is set by the Georgia Public Service Commission, will also show up on a consumer’s bill. The base charge covers the costs for meter readings, pipeline maintenance and other services.

Gas South offers a range of rates for consumers to choose from. Some providers offer a fixed rate, which will be the same for a particular time. If a fixed rate plan expires, the provider will notify customers in advance and give the option of a new plan. Some firms offer discounts to seniors and other groups.

For those who have issues with credit, certain service providers will assist them in finding the best payment plan to fit their budget. Some offer online account services that allow customers to see their bill and payments, pay a balance and change or renew their gas supply plan.

In addition offering competitive plans for energy, Gas South is a socially responsible company that donates money and other resources to community groups and children’s services. The company aims to “Be a Fuel for Good.” It has been in business since 2006. In 2022, the company purchased the energy company in Florida Infinite Energy. It now serves more than 425,000 residential, business and government customers in 14 states.

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