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Essay writing is a complex assignment demanding a set of developed skills to succeed in it. Starting with the sufficient knowledge in the area of the matter represented in the theme, the peculiarities of the language and ending with the writing skills allowing to represent the information in the favorable light. All of them are valuable. The lack of knowledge in relation to any of them will not let your essay earn acknowledgment, but the peculiarities of the language are the features discussed most often.

Among the worst and the most frequent and annoying inaccuracies the majority of students mention the spelling mistakes. Yes, this type of blunders can completely spoil the impression of the work. That is why it is so important to learn the peculiarities of spelling offered by the language. To ease this task we asked the representative of the trusted writing online service to entrust us the secret which of them are the most common. Paying attention to this moments while writing your essay will help you to stand out from the herd.

English language is not the most complicated one (think of the peculiarities offered by Chinese), but the students complain about English spelling. Is it true? Well, the linguistic studies proved the opposite. According to the results, only four hundred words in English can boast of exceptional spelling which is not following any rule. Isn’t that great? Unfortunately, not very for these four hundred of words are the most frequently used in everyday communication.

Among the most “admirable” errors the specialists in the sphere mention:

  • - the omitting of the –e following the –i (for instance, friend, relieve, believe, etc.), the wrong interpretation of –ei following the –c (for instance, receive) and when it sounds like “a” (for example, heir);
  • - the presence of the silent e- (which should be omitted) when it is following by the suffix beginning with a vowel (for example, bite - biting), while followed by the suffix starting with a consonant this silent e- should be preserved (like in use-useful);
  • - the word ending in -y which follows the consonant should be transferred into -i before you add the needed suffix (for instance, beauty-beautiful);
  • - before adding a suffix double the final consonant of the word ending in a vowel and a consonant (like in swim - swimming).

To overcome the abundance of the typos (the errors produced while typing) the spelling correcting software will be of great use. Such programs will help to minimize the presence of the misprints in your work but this is not a universal remedy. You cannot conquer the homophones (the words which spelling is correct, it sounds like the needed word, but it is another word than that one which is suitable to convey the desired meaning) presence this way (e.g. The chief is always write). Careful editing is a necessarily to detect such inaccuracies. However, the best solution remains the help of another person who can easier catch your misprints, but if this variant is not for you try to read the paper the next day after the termination of work on it.

There is one more useful approach. It can help you not only to detect your mistakes but even “to heal” from them. Just make a record of your typical errors and coming back to this list from time to time gradually learn the correct spelling. Devote a separate editing procedure of paper verification for these words.

As you see, the secrets shared by the specialist working for the trusted writing online service are simple and your will find no difficulty to implement them.