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Please refer to following stipulation first than to use the present service

“Starkessays Ltd.” (referred to below as “Starkessays”) delivers the kinds of content to the website starkessays.com (hereinafter called “site”). Starkessays is a web resource, establishing the connection between Writers who perform services and Customers for whom the foregoing services are necessary. You automatically give your approval to next terms while making use of the site, putting orders, paying for the services. You are considered aware of the following conditions and consent to act in compliance with them. Otherwise, you may not perform any activities on the site and avail yourself of the resource by means of it.

  1. Explanatory notes
    1. ‘Customer’ (“you” hereunder) is the person putting orders with the assistance of Starkessays to get the product corresponding to the requirements of him/her. The Customers’ cooperation with Starkessays is regulated by the present agreement’s stipulations.
    2. ‘Writer’ is the person having given the consent to perform kinds of writing as a freelance co-worker according to the points of Starkessays’s provisions.
    3. An ‘order’ is the customer demand for a kind of paid writing assistance expressed by means of a convenient online form where the Customer specifies the requirements for the way of carrying out the task.
    4. A ‘Revision’ is the alternant of the initial product, which is edited according to customer requirements.
    5. ‘Support (Team)’ means the personnel, who are responsible for customer informational assistance and the coordination of an order execution.
    6. A ‘Status’ denotes the phase of processing orders.
    7. The ‘Department of Commitment to Quality’ embraces the members of Starkessays’s staff who are engaged in the protection and the evaluation of the performance quality.
    8. The ‘Communication support service’ is the system designed for the support of a permanent contact between the Customer and the Writer with the assistance of the Support Team.
  2. Undertaking of the Agreement’s Conditions

The platform provided by Starkessays makes possible for you to avail yourself of Writers’ activities under the condition that you shall undertake to follow all provisions of the present agreement without changing any remarks and terms (“User Agreement”) which are placed on this Site. The agreement conditions determine the way of user access and the application of the platform in the users’ works performing. The points of the agreement may be modified occasionally without the notification of updates.

“Use” and “using” within the text of the Agreement denote the cases when a User (anyone who visits or uses the contents or/and capacities of the site) accesses or tries to do so, performs interaction with, uses, shows, views, prints or copies in direct/indirect manner with/without a hardware assistance from the resources of Starkessays (refer to point 3 hereunder); realizes the data transfer, receipt and exchange; organizes the communications and uses the advantages of Starkessays’s resources to attain any goal.

If the other is not determined in an exact manner, the Agreement’s provisions embrace the order of using all new capacities aimed to improve the functionment of the present resources produced by Starkessays.

  1. Offered Services

The Site is a service by means of which the customers contact the freelancers providing various kinds of academic writing and other writing services with the highest degree of quality. Starkessays’s resource assures the supply of appropriately performed tasks to the Customers and the payment delivery to the Writers. The site gives to Customers the opportunity to find the Writers being able to carry out the tasks according to stipulated deadlines and for the prices the Customers regard as affordable ones.

Writers working on freelance basis may submit their applications for opening profiles. A writer has to perform the task checking his/her proficiency and skills in the area of writing. All writers are rated corresponding to the quality of their works. Having lower ranks in the rating, a writer is excluded because of insufficient level of skills. The freelancers can be demanded for the delivery of additional information about their instruction and experiences and writing a test work if there are doubts on their professional abilities.

The customers order the kinds of services, which are provided by the writers filling in dedicated forms. Having agreed to complete an order, the Writer is considered responsible for performing the work meeting all stipulated requirements related to the quality and the deadline. When the Writer accomplishes the task and gets the payment, the Customer is regarded as the owner of the provided product with all rights to use it.

Using the platform, You approve the Starkessays’s right to place the information of advertising character within its services. Starkessays is also allowed to include the notifications of service updates and messages from the administration within its products.

  1. Structure of Order Processing
    1. Specify your actual email address through which we can contact you when you pass the registration on the site. By necessity, we shall be connected to you. Presenting the wrong email address, a user violates the agreement’s stipulations.
    2. Putting orders on the website is completely free. The writers tender for the tasks put by the customers.
    3. We select the best writer for every order. The Writer is obliged to get the particulars of the task. The stipulated sum is deposited on the site account. After making deposits, the selected writer is assigned to perform the job.
    4. Communication support service of Starkessays is applied to assure the communication of Customer, Writer and Support Team with one another. Do not hesitate to use the service to provide any additional data referring to the performance of the task. Check all messages you get through the system and send new details about the order as soon as possible by means of it. Customers are prohibited from specifying their personal data for writers and trying to cooperate with them directly not using Starkessays.com.
    5. After the order is submitted for processing, both Customer and Writer are able to observe the order status. The dedicated system allows for them to track statuses of the task and get to know the percentage of the job, which is accomplished. All possible statuses are listed hereunder:

Bidding – New order is put on the site. Writers tender for getting the task.

In Progress – The task is confirmed by means of the deposited sum. The Writer is selected and provided with the assignment. The Writer starts performing the task, presents the initial pattern. Customer examines the job and requests for revision if considers it necessary.

Investigating – The client asks for revoking the order. The Departmenment of Commitment to Quality examines the details of the case. The deposited amount of money is not subject to refund until the decision is taken.

Accomplished – Customer checks the task after the Writer’s revision. If the product meets specified requirements, the Customer selects the option, which enables to make over a full sum to the Writer.

Customer annulled – The cancellation of the order on the part of the Customer. The procedure has no financial effects when the statuses of the order are either “Bidding” or “In Progress”.

Writer annulled – The order, being in the status “In Progress”, is cancelled by the Writer. There are no financial consequences.

Expired – The expiration of “Bidding” order, which results in its deletion from the site because of the Customer decision absence.

Annulled because of Writer’s fraud – The system administrator blocks the profile of the Writer. All “In Progress” tasks get the abovementioned status. The Writer is not able to perform the activity on the site.

Annulled because of Customer’s fraud – The account of the Customer is blocked by the system administrator. The foregoing status is given to all orders, being “In Progress”. The Customer is not able to put orders or be registered on the website.

System annulled – The system administrator retracts the “Accomplished” orders if the procedure is initiated by the Customer and has the approval of the Department of Commitment to Quality. The annulment brings no financial effects.

  1. Delivery and Copyright

Starkessays bears neither any responsibility nor any liability for any order delivery’s failure caused by email services, internet providers, which are not controlled by us, or uploading the tasks by the Customer. The present resource offers you its capacities to assure the order delivery without problems.

The services provided by the Writer shall be relevant to your requirements. The copyright relating to any materials presented to you by the Writer belongs to you in full extent. If you find out that the task contains some plagiarized material, you are allowed regarding the service as performed inappropriately and the payment is kept back.

Starkessays, its affiliated services and partners shall not be responsible for the cases of wrong, unlawful or fraudulent use of any services and materials performed by the writers. Plagiarized content, exclusion from an educational institution, denial of bursary and grants, low grades and legal cases are not within Starkessays’s liabilities. Customers shall contact Writers directly to resolve any disagreement.

  1. Revision Conditions
    1. If the performed task does not comply with the set requirements, the Customer may demand for the revision of the product. An order is considered completed when the Customer makes over the deposited amount to the Writer. The refund is not possible if the Customer lets the funds be released to the Writer, consenting to accept the order in a whole or some parts of it. One shall request for the refund no later than within three days after the final version delivery.
    2. The customers shall present perspicuous and convincing asking for refund. The request is investigated by the Department of Commitment to Quality. In the case of the approval the costs are paid back. The Customer may not utilize the product. If the refund request is declined, the denial is supported with the detailed explanations.
    3. When the Customer asks for the revision of the task without compliance with initial particulars, the Department of Commitment to Quality may disapprove the request.
    4. The request for the order’s annulment can be examined by the Department of Commitment to Quality if the order is in progress and/or some components are delivered by the Writer. If the annulment claim is approved, the order obtains the status “System annulled”/”Customer annulled”. A part of deposited funds may be released to the Writer, when the causes of the cancellation are not clear and objective. If the Department of Commitment to Quality regards the Customers’ annulment request as such one not having proper grounds, the order gets the status “Accomplished”.
  1. Modifications

Starkessays may change or terminate any stipulation of the present agreement for a limited period of time or on a permanent basis and is not obliged to notify the customers. Moreover, it shall not maintain and update the platform. Modified provisions of the agreement considered operative from the moment of publishing on the Site. If the writers continue using the platform after putting the updated conditions on the Site, they affirm their awareness of the provisions’ changes and have to comply with them while using the resource. They approve that Starkessays does not bear responsibility for informing the writers or other users about updates and any other changements of the agreement’s terms. The latest version of the provisions is available for the public on starkessays.com.

  1. Use

Having chosen to use the capacities of the resource, you agree to submit only actual and true data; put all updates of these data; use the platform services exclusively in a legal way.

You affirm that the age allows for you (according to the current law) buying online products and you are not legally prohibited from using the resources of online services.

If you present outdated, incomplete or/and wrong information or there are reasons to regard your data as foregoing ones, Starkessays may block and ban your profile without the possibility to use the platform presently and later.

  1. Payment Procedure

Customers put their orders on the site without any payment. You may provide funds on your balance whenever you want, but you shall deposit for paying the task performance first than Starkessays assigns the Writer. Having accepted the performed work, you shall make over the stipulated sum to the Writer either by installments or in a lump sum conditioned by the covenant between the Writer and the Customer. Customers may request for the revision or present any other claims within 3 days after getting a complete pattern. If 3 days are expired, the deposit is sent to the Writer’s account automatically and the orders are regarded as accomplished. The refund is impossible in this case.

You have the right to request for the refund of the unused sums of your account. Starkessays may deny to pay back money if you use the funds after sending the request. The claim for refund is examined if customers cancel the order put before. If you never use the money on your account, you will get refund during 3-10 business days after stating the claim.

  1. Privacy

Customers present their personal and contact data to get the subscription for the information about Starkessays’s products. Email addresses, postal addresses, names of the clients and payment details are considered a confidential information and stored with using the highest level of protection. Do not hesitate to read our Privacy Policy to be sure in your personal information security. While writing reviews, customers confirm that Starkessays connects them to customer profiles. The client reviews may by placed also on the site. If you need, you may ask the Support Team for deleting your feedback.

  1. Legality of Use

Using in any way the materials and capacities of the site you accept and bind yourself to all requirements of applicable legislation and regulations. You are obliged to be responsible for your activities within the platform and to use its possibilities only in a legal manner. You consent to:

  1. Never use Starkessays’s services illicitly;
  2. Never intrude in the functionment of networking services connected to Starkessays and never disturb their operation;
  3. Conform to all conditions of using Starkessays’s networks;
  4. Not to sell or to transfer in any other way your access to the resource to third parties;
  5. Not to prevent other users from performing their activities by means of the platform;
  6. Respect activities and rights of other Customers while dealing with the service;
  7. Not to change any function of the site and platform, adjust them to own practices, commission anyone to utilize the resources of the site and the service;
  8. Not to gather the data about the resource’s Customer without their explicit approval;
  9. Not to get personal information from the persons under 18.

If any of abovementioned provision is violated, Starkessays may apply all legal approaches in eliminating any case of infringement.

  1. Conditions of Disclaimer

Starkessays’s platform functions as it is. Any direct or tacit guarantees related to marketability or non-violation of intellectual property are not provided. Starkessays is not responsible for any cases of damage, benefit, business and information risks taking place because of or the absence of application of the materials; cases of unauthorized access to the security hardware or unapproved its use; secure storage of personal or/and financial data; intrusion of any harmful software through the site resulted from the customers or third parties’ activities; any mistakes or omissions in the materials placed on the site and delivered through email by means of Starkessays’s platform. Starkessays provides advertising content and the links to the third parties’ websites. Starkessays does not take the responsibility for any product or content promoted by the sites of third parties, any advertising information and its relevance presented within the Starkessays’s resource. Third parties’ websites have own privacy policies, therefore you shall get aware of their privacy provisions to know the way they use and store your personal data. Starkessays.com is not liable for privacy provisions and materials of third parties’ sites. Providing online services, Starkessays is not responsible for the content placed by its users on other interactive resources like blogs or/and fora. Though some instances forbid the disclaimer of liabilities for ensuing losses, you are not subject to these prohibitions.

Besides, Starkessays does not assure that its service is secure and continual and the materials are complete and exact.  It may change and update the content either from time to time or in permanence. Any oral or written information issued by Starkessays or its representatives may not be regarded as the guarantee.

Starkessays does not take the liability for any technical faults of hardware, problems or failures relating to downloading the information for perusal, internet connection, networking communication, dedicated software occurring while using Starkessays’s services.

  1. Limitation of Responsibility

Customers use the Starkessays’s resources under the condition that Starkessays, its affiliated representations, staff and direction members, contractors, shareholder, agents are not responsible for financial and business losses, technical errors, failures and damages, harmful effects for reputation and business activities caused by purchasing products and/or services, data transmission, exchange and downloading by means of the platform and the site, removal, modification or transmission of the content, communication or data  as the results of direct or indirect collaboration, consequences of intentional/occasional unapproved access or sanctions for violating the present provisions regulating the application of the services, though Starkessays might be informed about the probability of aforementioned cases.

Users approve in particular that Starkessays is not liable for illegal and dishonest conduct of third parties. Starkessays does not state that the platform is usable in certain locations. The users are responsible for the compliance with local legislation.

  1. Indemnification Terms

By using Starkessays’s services, customers give their consent to indemnify Starkessays, including its employees, contractors, managers, owners, legal assignees, predecessors, successors, advisors, writers,  affiliates, partners, shareholders against any cases drawing either financial or legal effects resulting from intentional or accidental mistaken actions. Such cases can be generated by inappropriate writers’ performing activities, which infringe current stipulations of the present agreement; Writer’s disregard of applicable local laws and regulations’ terms; cases of direct contact between writers and customers, violating present conditions; violations of intellectual property and copyright, issuing from plagiarized content produced by writers. The indemnification clause is not modified within periodical updates of other provisions.

  1. Termination

If the customers’ data presented during the registration are modified without being updated in the profile or considered as false one, they forfeit the right to use Starkessays’s resources despite depositing funds regularly and timely. We may terminate the Customer’s account, if its holder does not cooperate with the Writer and Support Team as it is necessary to perform the order appropriately. The profile may be closed if the user is suspected in fraud actions.

Harmful actions relating to Starkessays or its users’ activities result in blocking and terminating the profile. The reasons of termination are illicit conduct, providing and distributing viruses and other malware.

If you violate the present conditions, your account may be banned and your deposit forfeited without the notification.

  1. Entire agreement/Severability/No-waiver

The present agreement embraces all aspects of the relations between you and Starkessays concerning the site and its materials and takes the place of all previous accords relating to the given subject concluded either orally or in written form. In the case when a clause of the present agreement is regarded as ineffective whether partially or in a full extent only one provision becomes invalid. All other terms stay enforceable. The absence of an appropriate reaction of Starkessays to an infringement of the agreement’s conditions on the part of Writer or Customer does not denote its waiver of the right to take all necessary measures next time. The Agreement has juridical effects for each part, including respective successors and assignees.

  1. Ability to accepts User Agreement Provisions

Our potential users are the persons being above 18; emancipated minors or people provided with legal consent of parents or guardians. All of them shall be able and know to make online payments; take the responsibility for complying with the agreement’s provisions having consented to accept all conditions and terms of the present User Agreement.

  1. Applied law

All conditions of the present Agreement shall be interpreted and fulfilled in conformity with the law of the country where the main office of the company is placed or any other one according to the company’s decision. These provisions shall not correspond to the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods.

  1. Adjudication of Disputes

The legal issues respecting the enforcement of the agreement’s clauses shall be adjudicated in the courts of competent jurisdiction where the main office of the company is placed or anywhere according to the company’s decision.

  1. Contact us

If you have any questions, matters or affairs, referring to the User Agreement, be welcome to contact us sending messages containing your patterns to [email protected]. You will get all necessary details immediately.

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