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This type of tasks are seldom noticed on the list of the students’ favorite assignments. The matter is that they do not presuppose the creativity and the sense of freedom so much preferred. Here the personal point of view is represented in the hidden form that diverts the students from the task completion making it tough and unattractive. Some students choose to address to the trusted writing online services. You may not believe, but these are one of the easiest assignments provided you know several tips. Estimate the flow of the draft On the stage of draft formation you should assure the essay flow. If you don’t feel you draft has the “melody” of presentation the process of writing the final variant of the essay will not represent a complete and picture. Don’t pay attention to your spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Shift the focus to the thesis which will help to overcome dissonance in your paper and keep on introducing changes into it and into the draft until you are confident they form a unity. Represent the introduction properly The main difference of the essay in comparison with the rest of writing assignments is that it has peculiar structure rejecting which the author consecrates his work. Introduction, body, and conclusion are the main elements. Though in the majority of cases the themes offered for the essays are not much interesting the introduction serves an encouragement for the audience to proceed with the reading the article. That is why a good introduction is a half of your good mark. The correct principal question is the necessary basement for the introductory part. Simplify the presentation The huge mistake of a student trying to get the high grade is to include long and big words in the article to make it sound impressive. They can’t give such effect. Actually, the result is just the contrary: you make your work complicated for understanding and chances are you add mistakes to it. If you are not confident about the shade of meaning the word represents you are advised to refuse the idea to include it into your work not to sound strange. The reader should understand everything. This is the only chance to find “the way to his heart”. Represent strong thesis The rot starts at the top and you are to make confident your thesis doesn’t represent the rotten element of your article. This is the core part of the work. The wrong presentation of this principal sentence will spoil the whole impression and will leave no opportunity to form a well-rounded argument. Your thesis should illustrate how strong are the author’s convictions related to the question in discussion to provide a proper defense to your work. Substantial research is a decent way out. Cite the reliable sources to sound apprised of the theme to allow your credentials to persuade the reader of your well-rounded conclusion. These several hints on essay writing can assist you on your way to the top grade. Implement them and get what you want with fewer efforts.