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Privacy policy

Starkessays Ltd (hereunder “Starkessays”) undertakes to protect the customer privacy. The present Privacy Policy relates to the site of Starkessays and embraces the client information usage and storage. The provisions of the Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions particularize the ways we collect the information from you and apply it. When you start using the capacities of the website, you agree with the Privacy Policy.


The company gathers the information necessary to identify the customers while registering and getting access to the site resources. It is contact data: username, email address, telephone number. This information facilitates your access to the resource by necessity. To assure the contact with all our users, we store also the information about the residence, like zip codes and country.

Our system also identifies the hardware and software on client computers, getting the information about browsers, IP numbers, names of domains and connecting website addresses. Such kind of data is used to realize the services performing of top quality by means of the customization. We use this information to observe visitor statistics of the website.

You provide us with credit card data to realize the payment process why ordering papers. The specialists process these data using a dedicated system support, which guarantees the payment security. Your payment details are confidential. Nevertheless, a client may disclose the information relating to payment completion and personal identification using Starkessays.com links in the communication online. The company does not protect personal customer data from the disclosure to third parties in this case not tracking the client private messages.

A particular attention is paid to the children’s privacy. We gather deliberately neither identification personal data nor data of another character from the persons being under 13 years old. The site is not oriented to the users under 13. The team of the company asks for not using the site, if a user is below 13. If these persons’ data are collected unintentionally by the system without a parental approval in an appropriate manner, we delete such content at once, respecting all requirements of the legislation.


We gather and use the personal data of our clients to improve the function of the site. The company informs the customers about all new practices in the services performance and new approaches by means of the customer contact data. One applies the identification data in monitoring the customer opinion about the quality of the company and affiliates’ services activities. We offer the consumers to express their views sending them dedicated surveys.

Any third party cannot buy or receive the right for using information about our registered users in any other way. The reliable partners may access to the personal information of the customers if it is necessary to analyze statistics of the site, send the subscription news, upload the orders. All third parties cooperating with Starkessays are committed to use the identification data of the customers within the conditions of the present policy and keep the confidential status of such information.

We neither use nor disclose the information that is of an exclusively personal character, like religion, race or political without an apparent and conscious approval of the customers.

The company watches the web resources the customers visit within Starkessays.com to get more aware of the services enjoying our clients’ popularity the most. We analyze these data to provide the users with the content informing them the best about the subjects with the highest degree of the customers’ interest.


The company has the right to disclose the personal data of the customers without sending a prior notice in the below mentioned cases.

  • The compliance of the website functionment or the activity of the company with current laws or regulations requires the disclosure of identifiable client data.
  • The disregard of the foregoing information confidentiality is possible while protecting the property rights of Starkessays.com.
  • One may disclose the data collected from the customers during the identification if the security of other clients or public security require doing so.


The website of the company places the links to the resources of third parties aiming to present additional capacities and information to the customers. These sites possess their own terms of the privacy protection. Do not hesitate to become familiar with them, as using these resources, you acknowledge automatically the conditions of these websites’ privacy policies. You should know the terms referring to your personal data processing, going to link to a site from Starkessays.com. The company does not take the responsibility for assuring the safety of the client privacy while linking to the third parties’ websites.


The company has the right to get the information about using the web resources by the customers by means of cookies. These files are sent to your PC when you enter the company website. They are text files that do not run the software or bring harmful programs to the customer computers. Issuing cookies, the system makes the process of your recognizing much easier. They assist the users in handling the necessary content on the site’s pages.

Our website may get customer IP addresses, browsers, internal sessions ID, user domains and the website domain. We collect such data to get the visitor statistics of the site use. This information does not identify the customers and is not of personal character.

An important task by cookies use is to minimize the time of searching for needed information or services. Cookies identify you as the registered user and you get the possibility to find the content you need immediately. They adapt the use of the possibilities represented by the site to the individual demands of a client. The personalization of customer online practices is the main advantage of cookies. Your identification passes momentarily and you find the customized particulars at once.

The use of cookies is optional for the customers. One can set the browser not accepting the cookies. This way decreases the level of the site customization, and the customers do not apply the resource features in a full extent.

The site of the company does not manage the cookies providing through the links to third parties’ resources. The customers download these cookies clicking on these sites’ advertisements or visiting them.


The company has right to store and process the personal information gathered from the customers on the main server. When a user submits the data, he/she consents automatically to their use in foregoing ways.

Starkessays.com takes all appropriate measures for keeping private data of the customers in a complete security during the treatment. The system protects the information of each user from any damage, unsanctioned access, misuse or inappropriate modification of the information. The company pledges that a customer personal information keeps safe during all process of the computer treatment and storing.

Before accessing the stored data, one is requested for the password and the username, according to the procedure of the user’s verification.

After closing the profile, the user data may be kept in the servers’ storage when the account is expired or deleted. We never sell or disclose the stored information to third parties anyway.

While a user leaves a feedback, Starkessays may link it to his/her account or not with the aim of advertising. Starkessays also has right to place the testimonial on the pages of Starkessays.com.

A user may request the support team for blocking or removing the testimonial while considering it damages a personal account.

The transfer of a personal information by means of the internet incurs some risk. Whence it follows that the company do not guarantee a complete security of the information send in an electronic way. Realizing the internet transmission of your data, you take a full responsibility for their security.


From time to time, we update the present Privacy Policy, following the needs of the company development and customer feedbacks. The notifications about the modifications are placed on the pages of the website. Nevertheless, we recommend all users to reread the current policy for considering new items.

Take notice of the fact that you may refuse to get the notifications and the newsletters to your email address, passing by the unsubscribing link or contacting us by email.

Starkessays.com appreciates the opinion of the users. If you suggest that the actions of our team do not comply with the Privacy Policy, we will find the way leading to your interests’ satisfaction.

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