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Though essay is placed among the most widely chosen tasks for all the spheres of study and all the sorts of educational establishments very few students do not feel any annoyance or irritation hearing about this type of academic assignments. The matter is that this sort of home tasks presupposes mountains of work. Easier topic offers a little mountain to climb, the more impressive one – somewhat bigger. A great quantity of other assignments does not leave time and space for relaxation, sleep, relatives, hobbies, and… life. O time's extremity! Even the theme of work representing some interest for a student, he may find this piece of work too hard. Things can get worse if a person has not yet found herself in this domain. Not every student has already developed the skills needed to render the thought in the way to make others get interested in expression. Fortunately, they can be developed. A huge percentage of people who are persuaded that this activity is just not their cup of tea are simply not aware of their capability. The matter is that there exist a wide variety of styles and ways of presentation of words and it happens that the way you were taught to render your words just doesn’t suit you. You have just get lost for a while in the sphere.

That’s ok. Now you will have a great opportunity to find your own easy way in the domain which causes a number of difficulties on daily basis. Start with a personal experience essay on your writing background: everyone has some. You’ve written many tasks on demand by now! Compose one for your personal needs because having completed this assignment you will ascertain of your priorities in this domain and learn which way to proceed. Here are the details you need to cover in your work to meet the aim:

  • Disclose your experience. Recollect which types of writing you were asked to write most often at school, in college or university. Which of them were the most complicated for you, which were the simplest (essays, short stories, short reports, research papers, etc.). Or there could be even some kinds which were not included into curriculum, but you chose to practice them regularly (poems, blog articles, personal emails, etc.)
  • Determine your preparation. Experienced writers admit that proper preparation makes up half of the process simplifying it. Find your inclinations in this concern. Some people prefer to write one draft, others – two, very few chose to write from the start. Typing or handwriting – is one more simple but effective question. What are your major distraction you suffer from? Have you ever faced the problem of the writer’s block and in what way have you managed to cope with it?
  • Confess about your weak and strong sides in writing. You will never get a chance to conquer any of your weaknesses if you do not have strength to admit its existence. Think what stage of process causes less troubles and which one is a disaster. Do you find pleasure in the research when getting acquainted with new information? Do you admire the process of the arrangements in the work when every element of puzzle serves to convince the reader? Can you stand verification of assignment?
  • Attitude to writing process. Do you like writing though feeling lack of knowledge to make your self-presentation more effective? Do you treat this activity only from the point of its value to the academic progress or you identify some connection between your personal writing skills and success in adult life? Would you like to boost your skills?

If you state clearly your opinion concerning these four factors you will have a distinct picture of what is your further step in this sphere. And that is the best termination of the personal experience essay on writing. It will not only simplify the task completion but prompt you the spheres you can find self-realization.