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Students are looking for professional essay writing service forgetting about specialists that work there. You can find personal professional essay writers instead. The thing is that each student can find academic essay writers on the essay writer website. Once you find your personal writer that satisfies your needs on custom essay you can request him again later for other papers. Best essay writers are not easy to find. It takes time and efforts to inspect online writers websites and check them for the availability of professional writers. The best option is to ask your college friend his personal opinion about a good writing.

What is an academic assistance or essay help?

Essay website is a company that provides professional assistance to college students which usage does not violate any academic rule or regulation. It is completely legal. Many companies hire grads whose hard work and knowledge gained MBA or Ph.D. Once you decided to use our site provided by a top academic assistant make sure it is cheap enough for your to be able to use it. They write school papers as well.

online essay writerPersuasive reviews are important

Each website has a list of previously submitted reviews which can be good or bad. Don’t hurry up to be happy figuring out that all the reviews are good for it can be decisive. There are always unsatisfied clients in any brunch. The absence of at least one bad or average review of the service can face the absence of real clients taking into account that the website is young and most of the reviews can turn out to be interpreted for attracting new customers. It is advisable to check reviews in other websites that inspect and provide information about this kind of services. They can supply with necessary information.

Cheapest websites can appear fraud

Before paying $5 for an instant paper from the random site found on the Internet think about the possible result. Who would agree to write for $5? It is better to find a trusted company. The price of such kind of help can vary from $7 to $25 dollars per page depending on the deadline, requirements, level and citation style. The more details you provide the better is the result. Mind to submit your application as soon as possible to make the deadline longer which helps to gain the cheapest price.

Writers who work for online companies

Good specialists are always wanted. English language writers had a strong academic program at college before submitting an application to one of the essays services. Mostly, MBA students are needed. When you already decided to shift your college assignment to the other person you should make sure that this person won’t do any harm to your future academic success. Looking for an appropriate and trusted writer can be hard and disappointing. When you find one you will be amassed with the result.

Instead of looking for the site look for an author

Submitting an essay you expect for a great result. “Buy essay and forget your problems” rule doesn’t work every time. First, you must find good essay online service among the list of the top trusted online companies and check them for good professional writers who work there. Let us tell you how it works. It is important because of the possibility to hire the same author for your future assignments who can become your real academic assistant being always there for you when you have problems.

Who are those people offering papers for others?

Some companies hire freelancers, other prefer to have a team of professionals in the office but the fact is those are the people who prefer writing and research work. This can be a good additional income. Such work can’t be done automatically or hourly so people who decided to write essays for other people are really fond of education, writing, research work, planning, and creative thinking. So, when you apply for paid essay you must acknowledge that your paper is wanted there and the result can’t be disappointing in that case. Most writers love what they do.

Hiring process

Most agencies require writers who gained MBA or Ph.D. level before submitting an application for essay job. The hiring process can last a week or a few weeks and has from two to four stages. The first step is grammar check. Specialists have to prove their English language knowledge and pass grammar tests that encourages clients that papers are completely correct and have no punctuation or grammatical mistakes. The second stage is abilities. Here authors get a theme and write an essay to prove their ability to express thoughts clearly, their knowledge of the structure of text which makes it readable, and other tips.

Second stage of hiring process

Essays pass the most attentive investigation and evaluation. Themes are completely different for every tested specialist and they are checked for the relevance to stated style, accordance to citation requirements, plagiarism, and the content of the paper. As a result, those authors who passed first two stages write grammatically correct satisfying all requirements provided by the client. This stage of hiring process is the most important.

Third stage of hiring process

Those experts who successfully passed first two stages are asked to pass online or personal interview depending on whether they are freelance authors or in-house workers. All the specialists are asked such standard interviewing questions as the reason they want to write papers, their previous experience in the field of expertise, plans, etc. Not every writer passes this step. Even having good results in grammar and essay assignments interview is an important stage of hiring process in every respectful academic help provider. The interview shows how serious is the applicant about this job because no matter how skilled the author is his attitude to the job is important for every employer.

Resultswrite my essay online

As a result, a group of highly skilled and motivated writers with MBA or Ph.D. degree gain essay educational assistant position. Isn’t it attractive? Every specialist can not only enjoy writing and informal education due to  academic papers for other students but earns money doing what he loves. Being a client you can be confident that every writing company, including us, hires only professional and responsible writers who satisfy needs of every student and professor. This guarantees a good result.

Advantages for students

There are many advantages for students. They suffer from lack of time, sleepless nights, lack of communication with their friends and family because of a long list of assignments issued by their academic institution. Many bright students who are doing all the assignments on time know how important it is to spent time on every assignment to do it well and get a good mark. That’s what we do. We help students to free some time for communication, concentration on the other subject, spending time with friends and other. Many college students already appreciated this convenient way to shift some of the duties to other people for money. What about you?

Looking for a good writer

Each respectful academic group has a group of professional writers who prepare requested assignments by clients. Each client who requested a paper once and was satisfied with the result can offer the same author to write more papers for him. He becomes your personal educational assistant. This is very convenient to know that there is a professional highly qualified and trusted specialist who is ready to help you with your endless list of papers to be done.


The professional secret is to love your job. It is not only that each specialist has required a range of skills but they are also motivated to write academic papers. They pass check which usually consists of three steps. The first step is grammar check, the second one is evaluating the abilities and the last step is an interview where the motivation of every author is evaluated. This provides clients with high-quality results which do not contain plagiarism, are grammar and punctuation mistakes free, and satisfies all stated requirements. The more requirements are stated the better. It helps the specialist to understand what to write about to avoid undesired misunderstanding. There are thousands of experts who write papers every day for students requiring some additional time for communication, sleeping, spending time with friends or relatives. We make them happy. We are your professional educational assistant who is always ready to help.


The popularity of academic assistance helpers rose during past few years which is explained by high demand for this services. There are many academic assistants online who provide students with written works. There is a list of top websites hiring the best academic writers who do their job with professionalism, responsibility, and love. As a result, most students are satisfied with the papers they receive and come back for another paper when having another high period.