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So, you have faced a typical situation – an essay was assigned to you a while ago, a teacher provided you with all the necessary information, and you had numerous possibilities to perform the work, but now you only have a day left to complete the task. essayYou knew that you have to deal with this assignment, but you also had to work and earn money, rest, meet up with friends and family, devote time to your better half, and it appeared like you had so much time left. Many students make the same mistake. But don’t get despaired because there is still some time left! Of course, the most obvious solution that comes to your mind is to buy an essay from a professional paper writing service, but why should you spend money if you can manage to complete the task yourself?! Despite the fact that you have only one day left for performance – it is possible to write a paper in such a short term, and in this article, we will tell you how to do this!

Getting Ready For The Writing Process!

To write an essay in a day, you will need the following:
  • A laptop or computer with good Internet connection;
  • Time;
  • A separate room (if it is possible) – being in a crowded room will not contribute to staying focused and performing a task well!
When you have all of the tools mentioned above, you can start the writing process. In order to make it more efficient, let’s outline main stages of workflow and give short tips to each step!

What Are The Steps To Write An Essay In A Day?

The process is quite simple. If you follow the plan described below, you will easily cope with the given task and prepare a successful paper within a very short time! However, you should ensure that you have understood and memorized all the requirements given to you by your teacher because even the high-quality content of your paper can’t guarantee a high grade if the whole work doesn’t meet the basic demands. To create good work, follow the steps below!
  1. This is one of the most critical stages of the workflow because at this point you will be searching for valid and decent sources of information, which will later become the fundament for your text. Usually, a teacher provides students with the list of helpful literature, but if you lack time, the fastest and easiest way to find information is to look on the Internet!
  2. Analysis of the sources that you have found. The second step requires you to look at the sources that you came across in the course of research and put them in order basing on their validity and relevance.
  3. Creating an outline.
  4. Creating a text basing on the outline. This step will not take too much time if you follow the plan developed earlier because all you need to do is to write down the information with your own words and create logical transitions between the sections of your text!
  5. Creating a list of references. As a rule, all academic papers have to contain a list of references or bibliography where a student includes information about every source of information that he or she have used in work.
  6. Proofreading a paper and fixing errors. When you have only a day to finish the work, you may not have the desire to reread a text one more time, but you should not miss this step if you strive to get a high grade!