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When the student gets the assignment to compose an essay during examination it is completely different than doing the same task at home. A person will never have the same sense of freedom as writing at home. The homework in form of essay writing gives the opportunity to address the best custom writing service and get the best grade for a decent sum. Exams exclude such occasions. That is one more reason why the student should practice in essay writing – you never know when you will be asked to represent the knowledge of proper presentation of thoughts. Trying to concentrate on the core issues during the exam take into account the following details: Provide the answer to the core question. This is the most popular mistake which costs most of your points. Trying to make your presentation of thought the most exciting make confident you do not go too far from the theme of your paper and the core question offered in the requirements. Do you understand clearly what the examiner wants? If you do not ask to clarify. Make the introduction lead your reader to the main part representing your idea in short include here the principal ideas of the evidence body. The major mistake about presentation of introductory is including detailed enumeration of the arguments from the main part. To simplify the perception of your idea by the reader include simple sentences in this section. Thorough planning solves numerous problems. Jot down the principal ideas on the theme and you will not forget about any of your arguments (no need to make efforts to keep everything in mind). Brainstorming is an effective approach to reveal your knowledge about the topic in the shortest time (you do not have to write a lot: keywords and principal phrases form a decent minimum). Proper presentation of evidence body is necessary. The algorithm of it is clear and simple - you need just to learn it once to remember: • state your argument; • explain it (mind the relation to the question), even if is obvious to you – note it in the essay; • include a critical view on the question (this will show how well informed you are on the theme) – this makes you high grade closer! Make confident your conclusion represents the strongest argument and some valuable new information supplying your essay with precious focus. Offer the data what makes the argument so strong. The golden middle is your target in an essay. Do not try to write a long paper because thus you just increase the number of possible mistakes and go far from the question in discussion. Do not aim at composing minimal work because you can omit valuable information to correspond to size. The value of the work is in its quality. Answer the question effectively and that will be enough. Ask yourself if you are not going too far from the question while composing the assignment and come back to it from time to time not to spoil the whole work. Mind these several directions at the exam and you will get the desired grade.