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An argumentative essay is a kind of writing which is meant to offer one’s opinion and to convince a reader to take author’s side. Expressing one’s mind and making someone support that. Sound easy, doesn’t it? Even if it seems to be a simple thing to write, an excellent argumentative essay format is quite complicated. And today we will try to deal with this kind of paper learning about its correct structure and main elements. Any type of essay usually consists of:
  • An introduction
  • The main body
  • A conclusion
However, an argumentative one slightly differs from a typical one.

Intro write argumentative essay

The first component of an essay can predict your success. Your language should be transparent and clear. In the intro, you should bring your reader to go on reading and pay attention to the thesis at once. You can also give some illustrative information if the matter is not familiar to everyone. Any additional data is based on the subject you present. For instance, if you are writing about a movie, you are supposed to mention the director, the title of the movie and also the date of release. First paragraphs which form your introductory part should be interesting. If people, who are supposed to read any article or text, find the beginning of it dull, they won’t continue reading it. Even if the main part is extremely alluring, they will hardly learn about it.

Give reasons for

This part should explain the purpose of your work. Your claim topic should be supplied with details and samples. As follows you make your readers see your opinion. In this passage, you should also state the evidence and explain it. Think of the ways you may affect your reader and seem extremely reliable. There must also be a closing at the end of this part which summarizes your points and proves the prime idea again.

Give reason against

You may think it is not good to give counterarguments in an essay by which you want to convince someone. However, that is not true. A good argumentative essay should comprise the opposite side to your claim as well. You are to show the readers what can be opposed to your arguments before they do it themselves. You will enable them to see the contrast which helps to emphasize the strong points of your topic. Thus, the person, who reads an essay organized in such a manner, is capable of taking a personal decision, but really everything is decided for him already.


Closing your paper, you should remind the reader of the topic. On the one hand, you should rewrite your preface. On the other hand, you ought to demonstrate you can be critical and during the course of your paper you analyzes the content and assures yourself as well. You should give the reasons why your writing is so essential and should be taken into account. It is also a good idea to reserve the strongest points for the conclusion. If you express them in the last part, it will serve as a climax of the whole paper and will define readers’ impression. Use precise language and do not overload it with too difficult sentences. Your conclusion should be a dynamic and suitable final of the paper.